February 3, 2009

Press Release

FastHealth Corporation announces finalization of an agreement to use the Disaster Response System within Dekalb Memorial Hospital and their community.

TUSCALOOSA, AL - February 3, 2009-Dekalb Memorial Hospital located in Auburn, Indiana has partnered with FastHealth to use the FastCommand Digital Disaster Response System. FastCommand encases the technology that permits employees and staff to operate during a relocation event or infrastructure collapse. This is the only software of its type that will allow communities to connect and communicate during a disaster. We are very excited about our partnership with Dekalb Memorial Hospital and feel this new system in place within their hospital will bring the community together and help their patients feel more connected.

For more information on FastHealth Corporation's Innovative, Revolutionary Programming visit FastHealth's Corporate Site at http://fasthealth.com/corporate

For more information our FastCommand Digital Disaster Response System please visit FastCommand Corporate site at http://www.fastcommand.com