FastHealth Wellness Management System

Wellness services are a rapidly expanding sector of the health care and fitness industry.

Our goal is to give you the tools to get ahead in this exciting and competitive field. The FastHealth Wellness Management System provides you with a Web site that will deliver your expertise to your clients in a way that will help them achieve their health objectives and promote your facility.

With FastHealth Wellness, you can efficiently manage all of your clients' information and reach them in ways not possible before.

Customizable Content with Your Branding

The FastHealth Wellness Management System is completely customizable to suit your facilities, your clientéle, your staff and your goals. Fasthealth Wellness allows you to easily create and update customized content and programs based on your staff's expertise and experience. Your FastHealth Wellness Management System is completely branded with your logos and graphics.

Communicate with Your Clients

Email and text message your clients to promote upcoming events, remind them of appointments, advertise your services and provide motivation and support. With our unique texting capabilities, you can reach your clients whether they are at a computer or not.

Collect Marketing Data and Promote Your Facility

Create customized questionnaires and assessments to collect data regarding your clients' interests and hobbies. Use this data to specifically target individuals for upcoming events or programs at your facility and contact them quickly via email or text message. Fasthealth Wellness also allows you to contact individuals or groups regarding their health progress, questions, scheduled appointments and membership drives.

Track and Motivate Your Clients

Our system enables you and your clients to keep tabs on physical activity, diet, sleep and other habits. The features on Fasthealth Wellness help you to motivate your clients and keep them accountable through Web-based performance tracking, reports and messaging.

Create Unique, Customized Exercise and Diet Plans

Fasthealth Wellness allows physicians, therapists, personal trainers and individuals to create unique diet and exercise plans. These plans are fully accessible on the Internet and can be printed at the gym, at work, at home or on the road. Caregivers and individuals can track results through online reports and logs.

Useful Health Tools and Calculators

In addition to your customizable features, FastHealth Wellness includes useful tools such as a meal tracker, BMI calculator, and calorie calculator which encourage your clients to visit your site multiple times each day. Each visit increases your visibility and promotes your facility.

Everything in One System

Fasthealth Wellness allows you to promote your services and provide meaningful assistance to your clients. It helps you and your clients track their performance and habits, builds client loyalty, shares information regarding appointments and events and markets your facilities and services.

The system provides all of these features and manages all of this information in one place, all of which is branded with your logo and customized to your facility.