FastHealth Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide innovative application services that will empower health professionals to better provide services and accurate information to the communities they serve. In doing so, we will create value for our company, our customers, its shareholders and employees.

FastHealth Core Values

How we interact as a company, with ourselves and our customers, is important to us. We will provide the best service to our customers, community, shareholders and employees by modeling certain ideals in our everyday business life. The following are a list of values essential to the fruition of our mission.

Loyalty- We are faithful to our company and others. We have a responsibility to act with FastHealth's best interest in mind.

Honesty - We believe being honest. There is no better option.

Golden Rule - We believe in treating others as we like to be treated.

Customer Service - We feel a sense of urgency on all matters related to our customers.

Frugality - We treat the company resources as though they were our own.

Accountability - We are accountable for the commitments we make to our customers and each other.

Best Effort - We believe that there are good mistakes and bad mistakes. Good mistakes are best effort, bad result. Bad mistakes are bad effort, bad results.

Clarity - Clarity in our communication with each other and our customers is critical to our success.

Responsibility - We believe that individuals that are treated with respect and given responsibility respond with their best. We believe that responsibility is earned by demonstrating efficiency, productivity, focus and pride in our work.

Taking ourselves lightly - Work is an important part of life, and it should be fun.

Teamwork - How you work with others is important. A positive team spirit is an important attribute of all FastHealth employees.