Technology & Programming

Benefits of Delegation

FastHealth gives technology employees at your healthcare facility more flexibility. Until recently, many varied departments had to rely on technically knowledgeable individuals to manage interactive healthcare services. The technology staff had been used as a narrow funnel in which online services were initiated. The reliance on technical employees for operational needs has created some barriers to productivity and has put too much burden on I.T. staffs.

Unfortunately, hospitals mandating this narrowing of responsibility have taken away the important roles and benefits that varied departments would have if they controlled their own online services.

With FastHealth FastPagesTM services, varied department employees use simple text updating features in order to update or provide online healthcare for their department's benefit. This means HR is responsible for online employment. The business office is responsible for online business. Marketing is responsible for content. Compliance and Education are responsible for online employee testing, etc…

Operational Role

Online healthcare is not a technical topic but an important operational requirement in today's new healthcare world. FastHealth provides many departmental tools that your employees can use to provide better care and better services. Our software is simple to use and can be accessed by any department with passwords. No experience is necessary.