FastHealth Corporation

Company Information

At FastHealth Corporation, we pride ourselves on providing quality customer service. Our healthcare clients contact us often for assistance. If you need any information regarding FastHealth or the services we provide, please phone us at 205-752-5050. For more information about us please click here.

Increasing Profits For Hospitals

Our customers are interested in operational platforms that increase business and save costs. The evolution of hospitals internet usage is succeeding in expanding patient loyalty, creating high morale and in protecting their valuable community relationships.

Flexibility in Design

At FastHealth, we provide unlimited choices for hospitals to redesign their Web sites. We have initiated unlimited flash, header styles and graphic choices for marketing directors. All of our platforms can be self administered with our simple admin tools.

We have backend operational platforms for:

Mobile Websites and Mobile Healthcare Systems
Online Patient Scheduling
Online Bill-Pay, Donations, Forms Submission
Online Secure Patient Registration
Online Hiring And Recruiting Center
Online Emergency Mode Functions
Online Baby Nursery
Online Employee Testing, Assessment and Compliance
Online Logs and Visitor Evaluation Statistical Area
Online Gift Shop and Store
Online Feedback and Suggestions
Online Turnkey Web site Administration Tools

Learn more about our services by carefully exploring this Web site. We look forward to hearing from you.